I believe that counselling helps any person or family work toward improved well being.
We are all impacted by our past, our current environment and our relationships with
With a focused effort, counselling moves you toward positive outcomes that
reflect personal goals. I work to make your investment in personal development successful.
Developing yourself and addressing issues that impact your wellbeing is time well spent. This is a
great investment in every part of your life: as a partner, parent, friend, or professional.
Becoming your best self is the greatest gift to yourself and to everyone you care about.
I help people to live in a way that truly reflects their best intentions and develop
strategies that serve their personal goals.
Anxiety, depression, difficulty setting goals, and relationship problems impact the quality of life.
I work with anyone who wants to improve their well-being and wants to feel empowered to change their life.
Solution Focused Therapy is broadly applicable. It allows the client and therapist to
focus on client identified issues in a way that develops strategies to move the client
toward their self-identified goals. I am also familiar with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,
Narrative therapy approaches, and Compassionate Inquiry and incorporate them in my
practice when applicable.

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